Rick Dotzler

The Commish Report 10/23/17

League members, results for game 8: Home team Philadelphia Eagles – 34 Visiting team Washington Redskins — 24 Winning book #44 (Roger Schmitz — #4 was a good # this week ) Congrats to our winner this week, be safe out there in the fields.  Everyone, button up as this […]

The Commish Report 10-16-17

Folks, this will be brief this morning due to busy schedule in the commissioner’s office. Here are the results of last night’s MNF game 7: Home team Tennessee Titans — 36 Visiting team Indianapolis Colts — 22 Winning book # 95 — Jeana Tuman ( I think a first time […]

The Commish Report 10-9-17

Well, another week has come and gone and the rain just keeps raining — makes it tough to get the lawn mowed.  I just hope all this rain means we’ll have a mild winter with not as much snow! Last nights game was a thriller if you happened to watch, […]

The Commish Report 10/2/17

League participants, late getting this out today but busy here in the Commissioner’s office.  If you had a chance to watch the game last night, you saw a good one, right down to the wire……I don’t know what the spread was but after KC kicked the go-ahead field goal, it […]