Harlan Council #3900 Newsletter – Sept 29, 2014

We are very pleased to announce that Council # 3900 was awarded the Columbian award for community service ! We also we awarded a plaque for our Keep Christ in Christmas card drive . A big thanks to Les Blum for his heading up of this project.

We are still working on the new building ,trying to get the interior finished to our specifications. We will add power and a prep table ,space for the fry- ers and all of our other utensils . Would like to thank Bob Kesterson for taking care of all the stor- age for this stuff till such time that it will be moved to this location.

The Tootsie Roll Drive was a success in the first weekend we raised over $500. We still have a few boxes of Tootsie Rolls left , so if someone wants to keep going with this please contact Bob, Brent or Gary.




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