St. Michael’s KC’s Monday Night Football Raffle

Football Close Up on FieldSupport the Harlan Knights of Columbus, have some fun, and maybe win some money playing our annual

Monday Night Football Raffle!  



Read the latest results in the Commish Report

Read the latest results in the Commish Report


Welcome to the site of this year’s Monday Night Football Raffle.  For your $20 donation you will have the opportunity to win $50 each week on Monday Night Football games plus a Grand Prize of $100 for the championship game.


We have posted the game tables here at  If you’d like to have a physical book to look at you can get one here or ask a brother Knight to print one for you.  When you purchase your chance to win you will be assigned a number.  You will keep that number throughout the season.  The “Commish” will keep us all informed on who the lucky winners are each week.


Thanks for your support and we hope you win!

Note:  A refund will be issued upon request if the entire season is cancelled due to COVID-19.  No refunds will be issued after the first game is played.


Monday Night Football 2020

Monday Night Football 2020 (compressed)

(Files are in PDF version.  Adobe Reader or other compatible software may be needed to view.)