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    Are you ready for some football in 2020?

    The Harlan Knights of Columbus Monday Night Football Raffle lives on during these challenging times.

    As of this posting the NFL season is set to move ahead as planned, so the KC's are ready too. Thank you for supporting the Knights and have fun.

    Please note: If the NFL season is cancelled in it's entirety, refunds will be issued by request. After the first game of the season is played refunds will not be issued.

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    The Commish Report 11/13/17

    Hey, greetings this fine dreary day, but it's warming up so that's good.  Maybe more yard work can get done now to finish the leaves, right? That's the plan anyway.

    Hope you all had a great weekend and had a chance to pay tribute to our veterans and our current military for their sacrifice and service to this great country!

    Game 11 results:

    Home team Carolina Panthers -- 45

    Visiting team Miami Dolphins -- 21

    Winning book # 7 (Dan Schumacher -- Dr. Dan, or Kyro Dan as some call him, nice win)

    Congrats to this week's winner and we are starting to get closer to the end, but like I said last week, you still have a chance for the win! Enjoy this warmer weather this week and as you prepare for Thanksgiving, let us again thank our veterans and military, and make your list of what else to be thankful for!  Have a great week!

    Joe Z.

    (the commish)

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    The Commish Report 11-6-17

    Hey folks, the chill is in the air and I'm sure lots of chili in kitchens these days.  It's election day so make sure to vote for your local city councils and mayor positions and thank them for wanting to serve our public interests.  As the harvest continues, be careful on the roads and respectful of the farmers and their equipment on the roads.  Good luck to the Harlan Cyclones this Thursday in the semi-final football game against Pella.

    Monday Night Football game 10 results:

    Home team Green Bay Packers -- 17

    Visiting team Detroit Lions -- 30

    Winning book # 21 ( Molly Gubbles -- the KC's thank students too for supporting our efforts )

    Congrats to this week's winner and everyone else stay positive, your turn is next!

    Have a great week everyone and Go Cyclones!!

    Joe Z.

    (the commish)

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    The Commish Report 10/30/17

    Hey folks, good morning and Happy Halloween!!  What a nice, crisp morning it is and I'm sure all the kiddos are excited for trick-or-treating tonight.....bundle up and be safe all you out there walking the neighborhoods.  It's always fun to see what outfits kids, and even some parents come up with.  I'm sure tonight won't be any different. Enjoy!!

    Well, Chiefs fans are happy once again with a good win last night.  They got off to a fast start and then the Broncos plowed back only to come up short in the end.  Game 9 results:

    Home team KC Chiefs -- 29

    Visiting team Denver Broncos -- 19

    Winning book # 26 (Tom Ouren -- I think our treasurer Brent Scheve can find you to give you your winnings)

    Congrats to this week's winner as we have reached the half way point of the season.  9 games left, including the Superbowl so plenty of chances left to win.  As harvest is rolling along and kids start the 2nd quarter of the school year, we congratulate all the students in their extracarricular activites this fall.  Good luck to the Harlan Cyclone football team this Friday and speaking of Cyclones, wow how about them ISU Cyclones -- what a team!  Great to see the Cyclone faithful in the limelight!!

    Again, Happy Halloween -- until next week, stay warm and have a great week!

    Joe Z.

    (the commish)

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    The Commish Report 10/23/17

    League members, results for game 8:

    Home team Philadelphia Eagles - 34

    Visiting team Washington Redskins -- 24

    Winning book #44 (Roger Schmitz -- #4 was a good # this week )

    Congrats to our winner this week, be safe out there in the fields.  Everyone, button up as this wind is chilly.  Hope everyone is getting their leaves done but if you're like my place, I have round 1 the front yard done, next will be round 2 and the back yard.  Still, fall is a great time of year as we enjoy the colors.

    Have a good week and good luck to all area kids in their school endeavors -- keep up the great work.

    Joe Z.

    (the commish)

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    The Commish Report 10-16-17

    Folks, this will be brief this morning due to busy schedule in the commissioner's office. Here are the results of last night's MNF game 7:

    Home team Tennessee Titans -- 36

    Visiting team Indianapolis Colts -- 22

    Winning book # 95 -- Jeana Tuman ( I think a first time league member so we call this beginner's luck )

    Congrats to this week's winner and thankfully, the rain has stopped (at least for now ) and the farmers can get harvesting.  Remember to be safe and drive carefully out there on the highways and gravel roads.

    Have a great week everyone -- 11 more games to go so keep on keepin' on !!

    Joe Z.

    (the commish)

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    The Commish Report 10-9-17

    Well, another week has come and gone and the rain just keeps raining -- makes it tough to get the lawn mowed.  I just hope all this rain means we'll have a mild winter with not as much snow!

    Last nights game was a thriller if you happened to watch, and for you Star Wars fans, the halftime trailer gave everyone something to look forward to.  I know Ryan Huinker gets goose bumps over that stuff!!

    Game 5 results:

    Home team Chicago Bears -- 17

    Visiting team Minnesota Vikings -- 20

    Winning book #23 -- Ryan Huinker ( now living in Des Moines, might be tough getting his $50 winnings to him )

    Congrats to the winner this week, your buddies back here will use your winnings wisely!!

    So, another week down but still have 12 games left and 12 chances to win. Good luck everyone. Stay safe during harvest and stay dry!


    Joe Z.

    (the commish)

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    The Commish Report 10/2/17

    League participants, late getting this out today but busy here in the Commissioner's office.  If you had a chance to watch the game last night, you saw a good one, right down to the wire......I don't know what the spread was but after KC kicked the go-ahead field goal, it was 23-20 with 4 seconds left and on the last play of the game, Washington tries  multiple laterals only to lose it and KC picks up and scores again.  So one second, book # 8 was in fat city but the next second, book #9 wins....and that's why it's tough to make wagers in sports!

    Game 5 results:

    Home team KC Chiefs -- 29

    Visiting team Washington Redskins -- 20

    Winning book #9 -- Marcia Albertson ( loyal league member edges out Dan Fowler for the win )

    Congrats to this week's winner and everyone else, stay positive as there are plenty of chances left to win.  Have a great week and as a reminder, St. Michael's ladies guild is hosting their annual harvest fest dinner this Sunday the 8th 11:00 - 2:00 , featuring Staley's chicken and the KC's will be helping to support this event.  If you have the time and the appetite, join us!

    Until next week, KEEP THE FAITH!

    Joe Z.

    (the commish)

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    The Commish Report 9/25/17

    Hey folks, the Fall season is upon us and the football season is pretty well at full speed as we finished week 3 in the NFL.  Last night, the Dallas Cowboys traveled to Arizona and took on the Cardinals for a spirited game no doubt.  It's always tough to win on the road and last night was no different, however the Cowboys managed to do just that, much to the liking of Jerry Jones.

    Game 4 results:

    Home team Arizona Cardinals -- 17

    Visiting team Dallas Cowboys -- 28

    Winning book # 28 -- Scott Gillespie ( he won last year also, so I trust Brent Scheve this is not an imposter )

    Congrats to our winner this week.  Enjoy this time of year everyone as harvest time is here -- be careful on the roads, both rural areas and highways and in towns.  Have a great week and remember to keep your head up but your nose on a friendly level 🙂


    Joe Z.

    (the commish)

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    The Commish Report 9/18/17

    League members, I tried sending an email earlier this morning and for some reason it didn't get sent. It was a little long so rather than retyping it all, here are last night's results:

    Home team NY Giants -- 10

    Visiting team Detroit Lions -- 24

    Winning book # 70 -- Brad Schmitz ( his hard work selling most of these raffles pays off -- nice work Brad)

    It's Homecoming week so enjoy the activities -- Congrats to Coach Bladt and all involved over the years for reaching 400 victories as Head Coach!  Go Cyclones !!


    Joe Z.

    (the commish)

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    The Commish Report 9/11/17

    Hey, welcome sports fans and league members for this years 2017 Knights of Columbus MNF season.  I hope you all have had a great summer and are looking forward to a nice Fall season, kicking off with high school, college, and pro football.  I thank all of you for participating this year in our KC football fundraiser raffle.  As a point of interest, the money we raise goes to help us mainly with scholarships for area high school seniors.  This year marks our 17th year with this "fun"raiser and we hope you have fun from week to week, cheering for your favorite pro teams and hoping for a win in our event.  Like I mention every year, we've had no inflation in the past 17 years and where else can you get 18 chances to win for only $20?  Good luck and enjoy!!

    Last night was the start of the Monday night games and so here are the winners for the 2 games last night:

    Game 1

    Home team -- Minnesota Vikings -- 29

    Visiting team -- New Orleans Saints -- 19

    Winning book # 43  Al Spicer ( he'll give you a friendly smile in every aisle at our local Hy-Vee)

    Game 2

    Home team -- Denver Broncos -- 24

    Visiting team -- LA Chargers -- 21

    Winning book # 46 -- Fr. John Frost ( must be good clean living )

    So, the season has started and congrats to this weeks winners.  Good luck to all area  athletes and all students in their school year endeavors. Enjoy this beautiful weather we are having here, but also we keep in mind those affected by the recent hurricanes in Texas, Florida and other areas impacted.

    Have a great week everyone.  Until next week....

    Joe Z.

    (the commish)

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    The Commish Report - 11/15/16

    commish-header2Greetings everyone!  What a year this has been and continues to be.  I know there are a lot of highlights to the year but 2016 surely is historic.  The USA won the Ryder Cup over the Europeans, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series over the Cleveland Indians and Donald Trump won the Presidential Election over Hillary Clinton -- all of this in the last couple of months.  And this weather continues to bless us with sunshine during the day and a beautiful harvest Supermoon at night -- yes, what a year it is!!

    Game 11 results:
    Home team New York Giants -- 21
    Visiting team Cincinnati Bengals -- 20
    Winning book # 59

    Group 1 winner -- Lenny Schmitz  ( long time supporter, keeping his son in contention for most winning books sold)
    Group 2 winner -- Jim Chipman ( another long time supporter, but I believe a first time winner )
    Group 3 winner -- Keith Schwery (another one of my last minute entries into the league )

    Congrats to this weeks' winners.  7 games remain so stay hopeful and positive. And enjoy this great weather heading in to Thanksgiving time. 

    Oh yeah, the Hawkeyes beat Michigan this past weekend with a last second field goal; should be a great game against Nebraska next week up in Iowa City!!

    By the way, I know there is Moonshine, but is there Supermoonshine??

    Joe Z.
    (the commish)

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    The Commish Report - 11/8/16

    commish-header2Well, today is the day you've all been waiting for -- ELECTION DAY!!  Get out and vote everyone! What a great country we live in where we have the freedoms we do and the constitutional right to vote, allowing us a say in who we want as President.  But let's not take for granted, one minute, the freedoms and rights we have -- so to all the men and women in the armed forces and the men and women in law enforcement, fire safety and all community service providers past, present and future and who fought for and continue to fight for our freedoms and rights -- THANK YOU !!

    Game 10 results:
    Home team Seattle Seahawks -- 31
    Visiting team Buffalo Bills -- 25
    Winning book # 73

    Group 1 winner -- Josh Leslie ( thanks Kevin Hlavac for your Nebraska supporters -- glad to have them)
    Group 2 winner -- Ken Sprague ( if you liked math, he was a great high school algebra teacher -- thanks for the instruction)
    Group 3 winner -- Paula Sylvester ( when the Huskers don't win you money, hope this heals you up a little )

    Congrats to this weeks' winners as we have now started the 2nd half of the season.  Plenty of games left for everyone to have a chance so keep positive and keep enjoying this great November weather -- and don't forget to VOTE!!

    Til next week,
    Joe Z.
    (the commish)

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    The Commish Report - 11/1/16

    commish-header2Greetings all you ghouls, goblins, and ghosts!  What a fun night of Halloween and trick-or-treating. I didn't get started right at 5:30, but I had kids coming to the door pretty solid for an hour and it was so fun to see all the costumes on the kids, and even some adults. All the kids were very polite, which is great to see, but none of them knew a trick, they just knew how to ask for a treat:)  One cute little kid would say "trick or treat" and then as he left every house, "Happy Halloween"....So fun and it looked like the whole town was enjoying the night -- hopefully a safe night as well.

    It's also fun to see who wins our raffle each week so here are the results:

    Home team Chicago Bears -- 20
    Visiting team Minnesota Vikings -- 10
    Winning book # 58

    Group 1 winner -- Jeff Moser ( he's like Zacchaeus the tax collector - short in stature with his hand out to collect )
    Group 2 winner -- Jimmy Travis ( new to the league, welcome aboard )
    Group 3 winner -- Craig Stork ( another late entry that I coaxed into joining, I'll find you and Kyle bud soon enough )

    Congrats to this weeks' winners as we are now half way through the season.  So to all who are still seeking a win, there are 9 more chances and plenty of reason to be hopeful and keep the faith.  Speaking of that, the Cubs and their fans are doing just that - hopeful and keeping the faith for tonight's Game 6 in the World Series.  We'll see if the Bears victory last night carries over for the Cubs tonight. Enjoy everyone!!

    Until next week,
    Joe Z.
    (the commish)

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    The Commish Report - 10/25/16

    commish-header2Well, we are almost half way through the season and as we near the end of October, I'm just glad that we haven't had any snow fly yet.  And no, I didn't just jinx us all on the weather.  In addition to this great weather right now, the World Series starts tonight and what great timing -- we can all enjoy some good 'ol Americana baseball before we go to the polls in another 2 weeks. I have to admit, it is very cool to have the Cubs in the series after 71 years .... and the Cleveland Indians gives me thoughts of "Major League" and Ricky Vaughn coming to the mound to the song Wild Thing.  One of my favorite quotes is "Forget about the curveball Ricky, throw 'em the heater"! Well, it certainly will be a great series -- I just wonder if the Windy City turns into the City that doesn't sleep??

    Game 8 results:
    Home team Denver Broncos -- 27
    Visiting team Houston Texans -- 9
    Winning book # 57

    Group 1 winner - Brad Schmitz ( our best raffle salesman, good to see him win )
    Group 2 winner - Gladys Rau ( another long time supporter, good to see her win )
    Group 3 winner - Kyle Ahrenholtz ( late entry this year, I'll meet you for a cold one after harvest )

    Congrats to this week's winners and hope everyone enjoys the World Series and this great Fall weather!!

    Joe Z.
    (the commish)

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    The Commish Report - 10/18/16

    commish-header2Greetings league members....well week 6, game #7 is in the books and for any UNI fans or all of us Iowans, David Johnson had a great night last night as the UNI player had 3 TD's leading the Cardinals to victory on their home turf.  If you weren't into the football game, rather the baseball game, Cleveland Indians lead their series 3-0 over the Toronto Bluejays.  Speaking of Bluejays, former Creighton Bluejay basketball stars Kyle Korver and Doug McDermott will square off in Omaha this Thursday night at the Clink Center (Centurylink), when their Atlanta Hawks and Chicago Bulls are in town -- that should be a full house I'm sure and a fun return for those guys.

    Game 7 results:
    Home team Arizona Cardinals -- 28
    Visiting team New York Jets -- 3
    Winning book # 28

    Group 1 winner -- Mike Bierl ( Carroll native and retired Air Force, great having you in Harlan and thanks for your service )
    Group 2 winner -- Linda Fahn ( Jay hit me up last week about winning....ask and ye shall receive )
    Group 3 winner -- Brad Schwery ( be sure to share this with Melissa )

    Congrats to this weeks' winners.  Since Scheve didn't have one of his posse in the winning group, he's off investigation by the commissioner.

    Cubs and Dodgers resume play tonight.....Did you know both team owners were Creighton grads?  Yeh, but don't ask about some of us other local CU grads!

    And finally, how about this weather? Mid 80's record setting temps in the middle of October,  golf still being played, and a lemonade stand in my neighborhood yesterday -- fantastic!!

    Have a great week everyone and enjoy the Fall colors!!
    Joe Z.
    (the commis

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    The Commish Report - 10/11/16

    commish-header2Folks, I think Mother Nature has been trying to tell us that we may be in for a long winter.  With all the rains this summer and fall, it's been a tough harvest for the farmers.  Hurricane Matthew is stirring up and down the East coast, causing much damage and pain.  Yes, the weather is brewing but my leading indicator for a long winter is Hillary's coughing her way along the campaign trail and now Donald Trump sniffling on the debate podium -- something is setting in folks and it means a long winter and very cold, just like the Presidential campaigns.

    Game 6 results:
    Home team Carolina Panthers -- 14
    Visiting team Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- 17
    Winning book # 8

    Group 1 winner -- Joe Sondag ( long time KC and newly retired...enjoy this extra income )
    Group 2 winner -- Taylor Rettig ( commish investigation continues to see if these Scheve clan are real or if he's hoarding the winnings)
    Group 3 winner -- Alex Ahrenholtz ( ZanderInk strikes -- I must say, his artwork is good )

    Congrats to this weeks' winners and we are now officially 1/3 of the way through the season.  Have a great week everyone and continue to be safe on the roads with the harvest.  And someone give the candidates a 4 year supply of Nyquil!!

    Joe Z.
    (the commish)

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    The Commish Report - 10/4/16

    commish-header2Hey all you outdoor sporting fans, lots of action going on this past weekend, with 2 events topping the news in my opinion.  First, Bass Pro Shop is offering $5.5 billion to buy Cabelas, which seems logical and you might want to check your Cabelas card and use up your credits, but I'm sure they would be honored going forward.  This whole deal might please some and not others, but it's better than some of the sports' news that's out there.

    Secondly, Team USA defeated Team Europe in the 41st Ryder Cup up in Chaska, MN at Hazeltine National Golf Club....many stories arose over last week and through the weekend, and USA prevailed 17-11 to recapture the Ryder Cup.  In the words of our most famous local sportsman, Matthew Hudson, " God Bless the USA, long live the Queen and thanks Danny Willett's brother!"

    I was fortunate to attend last Thursday and Friday for a practice round and the first round matches.....en route from our hotel to the course, we passed the new US Bank stadium and it looks impressive from the outside -- it should for $1.5 billion or something like that. I watched a little of the game last night and the inside looks impressive as well.  So here are the results for last night's game:

    Home team Minnesota Vikings -- 24
    Visiting team New York Giants -- 10

    Winning book # 5
    Group 1 -- Tony Goetz ( great supporter of the KC's and all local organizations -- keep up the good work _
    Group 2 -- Paul Blair ( seems to win his share of times -- thanks for playing and sure miss the breakfast pizza at the Fast Stop)
    Group 3 -- Shirley Arkfeld ( I believe she's new to the league so great to have you )

    Congrats to this week's winners.  Have a great week everyone, and be careful on the roads now that harvest is pretty well in full swing. Til next week, enjoy the Fall weather!

    Joe Z.
    (the commish)


    Webmaster note:  This report is being posted late due to system issues.

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    The Commish Report - 9/27/16

    commish-header2Well folks, this is a tough week in sports and I'm not referring to the "Rock 'em Sock 'em" Presidential debate.  The little I watched reminded me of the scene in Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure where Pee Wee and his adversary spar off back and forth saying, "I know you are but what am I? I know you are but what am I?"

    No, the world lost one of the greatest sports figures in Arnold Palmer.  In the golf world, he was "the King" and Arnie's Army encompassed the world, spreading golf and humanity to all corners of the world.  Thanks Mr. Palmer for sharing yourself, your talents and your personality with all of us.  Well done...87 years is a great life !

    Game 4 results:
    Home team New Orlean Saints -- 32
    Visiting team Atlanta Falcons -- 45
    Winning book # 47

    Group 1 winner - Ross Parker (another Scheve insider -- still being under investigation)
    Group 2 winner - Jane Klein ( long time KC raffle supporter, we appreciate )
    Group 3 winner - Bryan Gray ( beer tasting expert -- he know's most all of them, even Huinker's Keystone Light )

    Congrats to this week's winner's and to everyone else, don't give up.  You still have 14 more chances to win.  Also, if you're looking for a good movie and a story of a great American feat, go watch Sully, the Miracle on the Hudson.

    And finally, it's Ryder Cup this week up in Chaska, MN at Hazeltine National Golf my opinion, this is one of the greatest sporting spectacles around.  Look for a group of us on tv, wearing our Red White and Blue and proudly cheering on our American team.  With your help and with Arnold looking down from above, the Americans have a good chance and I'm sure will represent us proudly.  This American / European match up, truly shows the world all that is good!

    And with that, I think I'll have an Arnold Palmer:)

    Joe Z.
    (the commish)

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    The Commish Report - 9/20/16

    commish-header2Greetings league members -- don't you just love this weather?  With school being about a month into it's calendar year, we are pretty well in full swing with the Fall activities in the area high schools. As always, good luck to all this year in the extracurriculars as we like to see everyone in our general area do well.  As for the college teams, well it's an interesting start for sure for the ISU, Iowa and Nebraska teams, which are the main teams our league members follow.  It will be just as interesting to see how the rest of the season goes for these guys.

    As for last night's NFL game, I'm sure the Eagles are happy they traded QB's a week before the season -- the first rookie since 1970 to win his first 2 games without an interception! He'd be good to have on your fantasy team, at least for now anyway.

    Results for game 3:
    Home team Chicago Bears -- 14
    Visiting team Philadelphia Eagles -- 29

    Winning book # 13
    Group 1 winner -- Madison Schumacher ( Schumacher family 2 for 2 this year....see more below)
    Group 2 winner -- Josh Ludwig ( Scheve's friends are 2 for 2 this year ... see more below )
    Group 3 winner -- Gilburt Ahrenholtz ( no one can "steel" his thunder, he's the life of the party )

    Commissioner's note:  I am initiating an investigation of my own to see if there were some self dealings within the Dan Schumacher family and with Scheve and his friends.  Not that we haven't had some questionable winners in the past, but this borders on something similar to the Wells Fargo debacle.  Stay tuned for any Congressional hearings to come out of this!

    Congrats to this week's winners; we'll see if the Schumacher and Scheve contingents can keep their streak alive next week.  For all others, let's up our game, OK?  Remember, keep you head up but your nose on a friendly level!!

    Joe Z.
    (the commish)

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