The Commish Report 10-9-17

Well, another week has come and gone and the rain just keeps raining — makes it tough to get the lawn mowed.  I just hope all this rain means we’ll have a mild winter with not as much snow!

Last nights game was a thriller if you happened to watch, and for you Star Wars fans, the halftime trailer gave everyone something to look forward to.  I know Ryan Huinker gets goose bumps over that stuff!!

Game 5 results:

Home team Chicago Bears — 17

Visiting team Minnesota Vikings — 20

Winning book #23 — Ryan Huinker ( now living in Des Moines, might be tough getting his $50 winnings to him )

Congrats to the winner this week, your buddies back here will use your winnings wisely!!

So, another week down but still have 12 games left and 12 chances to win. Good luck everyone. Stay safe during harvest and stay dry!


Joe Z.

(the commish)

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