The Commish Report – 9/13/16

To all league members: WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME to the 2016 Knights of Columbus Monday Night Football season.  I ran into Gary Hoesing ( now resides in Oregon) this summer at the Westphalia picnic and he’s the originator of this great “fun”raiser back in 2000.  So, as we start our 16th season, we have grown from 1 full group of 100 participants to now 3 full groups of 100 participants….well some people get 2 or 3 or 5 or 10 book #’s but the point is we have sold 300 #’s — thank you all for participating!

commish-header2To those of you veterans in the league, you know how this all works and what our fundraising efforts go towards.  To those of you who are new, the money we generate helps us KC’s to support scholarships for graduation high school seniors, aid the great work being done at Concerned, Inc., and help the youth in growing and maturing through the cub scouts and boy scouts programs.  We also help with other things like back packs for school kids, support for the physically challenged, and support of our local parish, St. Michael’s here in Harlan.

So, of the $6000 we bring in this year, we pay out almost half of that ($2850) in weekly prizes and super bowl finale prize.  We also pay a little bit in taxes on this as it’s considered a “shelf raffle” in the eyes of the state (approx. $300 ish).  We don’t have printing costs anymore, thanks to our website, where you can follow each week with the team pairings and matrix set-ups, and to find your book # and results.  You can also see the Commish report, if you miss the weekly email.  So, in all transparency, we end up with just shy of $3000 in monies to support our efforts I mentioned above.  Again, thank you!

Now, just as it’s important for us to be transparent, it’s also important for us to keep your privacy.  Know that all emails are sent “C” or “C”….just ask Hillary what that means ( cough, cough )!  OK, I’ll help…it means these are all sent Confidential or Classified, actually, I send these all out under a Bcc (blind carbon copy) so that no one sees your individual email address, protecting your personal and/or work email.

OK, I think I’m done with most house-keeping items so here are the results for Games 1 & 2 from last night:

Game 1 results:
Home team Washington Redskins — 16
Visiting team Pittsburgh Steelers — 38
Winning book # 21

Group 1 winner — Rose Klein
Group 2 winner — Terry Cox
Group 3 winner — Steve Keast ( Nebraska vs. Iowa could be a good match-up this year )

Game 2 results:
Home team San Francisco 49ers — 28
Visiting team Los Angeles Rams — 0
Winning book # 12

Group 1 winner — Sarah Schumacher ( Good Hawkeye, win eh Sarah )
Group 2 winner — Scott Gillespie ( make sure Scheve gets you your winnings )
Group 3 winner — Tony Lavander ( part of the Nebraska contingent this year, welcome to the fun )

Congrats to all these $50 winners.  Reminder that all issues and/or complaints are to be filed with the Commissioner’s office (that’s me) and I’ll address them accordingly. Also, any feedback or positive remarks are welcome also.  This is a great time of year and I look forward to having a lot of fun — I hope you do to.  Where else can you get 18 chances to win for only $20?  No inflation over the past 16 years 🙂  KEEP THE FAITH!

Joe Z.
(the commish)

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