The Commish Report – 9/20/16

commish-header2Greetings league members — don’t you just love this weather?  With school being about a month into it’s calendar year, we are pretty well in full swing with the Fall activities in the area high schools. As always, good luck to all this year in the extracurriculars as we like to see everyone in our general area do well.  As for the college teams, well it’s an interesting start for sure for the ISU, Iowa and Nebraska teams, which are the main teams our league members follow.  It will be just as interesting to see how the rest of the season goes for these guys.

As for last night’s NFL game, I’m sure the Eagles are happy they traded QB’s a week before the season — the first rookie since 1970 to win his first 2 games without an interception! He’d be good to have on your fantasy team, at least for now anyway.

Results for game 3:
Home team Chicago Bears — 14
Visiting team Philadelphia Eagles — 29

Winning book # 13
Group 1 winner — Madison Schumacher ( Schumacher family 2 for 2 this year….see more below)
Group 2 winner — Josh Ludwig ( Scheve’s friends are 2 for 2 this year … see more below )
Group 3 winner — Gilburt Ahrenholtz ( no one can “steel” his thunder, he’s the life of the party )

Commissioner’s note:  I am initiating an investigation of my own to see if there were some self dealings within the Dan Schumacher family and with Scheve and his friends.  Not that we haven’t had some questionable winners in the past, but this borders on something similar to the Wells Fargo debacle.  Stay tuned for any Congressional hearings to come out of this!

Congrats to this week’s winners; we’ll see if the Schumacher and Scheve contingents can keep their streak alive next week.  For all others, let’s up our game, OK?  Remember, keep you head up but your nose on a friendly level!!

Joe Z.
(the commish)

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