The Commish Report 9/25/17

Hey folks, the Fall season is upon us and the football season is pretty well at full speed as we finished week 3 in the NFL.  Last night, the Dallas Cowboys traveled to Arizona and took on the Cardinals for a spirited game no doubt.  It’s always tough to win on the road and last night was no different, however the Cowboys managed to do just that, much to the liking of Jerry Jones.

Game 4 results:

Home team Arizona Cardinals — 17

Visiting team Dallas Cowboys — 28

Winning book # 28 — Scott Gillespie ( he won last year also, so I trust Brent Scheve this is not an imposter )

Congrats to our winner this week.  Enjoy this time of year everyone as harvest time is here — be careful on the roads, both rural areas and highways and in towns.  Have a great week and remember to keep your head up but your nose on a friendly level 🙂


Joe Z.

(the commish)

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