The Commish Report – December 7, 2015


Hey folks, hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday season with all the lights that people and towns are displaying and with all the Christmas music on the radio — always a treat during this time of year.

Not so much of a treat was last night’s MNF game or as one of my college friends referred to it, “One of the most boring games all season.” Contrary to that, the Iowa / Michigan St. game was all that is was hyped up to be — great game and it would have nice to have a Hawkeye win, but the Rose Bowl is a great nod for the team, coaches and fans!!

As for last night’s game, you’ll all be excited to know that it produced our first 4 time winner ever, including 3 in a row — both are firsts for our KC football raffle history!

Game 14 results:

Home team Washington Redskins — 16
Visiting team Dallas Cowboys — 19

Winning book # 61
Group 1 winner — Eddie Goetzinger ( you’ll go down in our record books, Ed — 4 times, 3 in a row )
Group 2 winner — Rick Dotzler ( good to see our Grand Knight get a W — he’s doing great things for our Council )

Congrats to this week’s winners and a reminder that we have 4 games left, including the Super Bowl. So again, stay positive and keep the Faith, Christmas is near !!

Until next week, go Creighton Bluejays — beat the Huskers tomorrow night!!

Joe Z.
(the commish )

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