The Commish Report – November 10, 2014

commish-header2Well, this week brought 2 “firsts” of the season — our first trace of snow and our first back-to-back winners. Yep, last night’s game produced the rare outcome of the same winners as last week. Now, before anyone gets any crazy ideas towards the Commissioner’s office, I remind you and highly emphasize the randomness of it all. You can check all the numbers for yourself but it is what it is. I’m just happy that we got a little trace of snow and not a dumping!!

Game 11 results:

Home team Philadelphia Eagles — 45
Visiting team Carolina Panthers — 21

Winning book # 77

Group 1 winner — Mark Crall ( last week your winnings to the KC’s, this week to our greens mower — I nominate you for Man of the Year )
Group 2 winner — Bob Bissen ( no need to buy Mark Crall that drink, Bob…he said he’d buy you one )

So, we’ve had 2 multiple winner’s this year but back-to-back has happened only one other time in the history of this league over the past 14 years. We know it’s all random and luck because left unto himself, the only thing Crall has won back-to-back was the 2013 and 2014 Creeper races, Senior Division, at the Panama Picnic. He was the only entry!!

And so, with 7 games left, congrats to all winners up to this point and to everyone else, keep your chin up but your nose on a friendly level !!! And until next week, enjoy the snow!!

Joe Z.
(the commish)

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