The Commish Report – November 16, 2015


Greetings everyone. Hold on to your hats and keep your raincoats on or close by. Windy + rainy = yucky!! At least it’s not snow or sleet — did I just jinx us all?

Need to be brief today, but there wasn’t much excitement in last night’s game anyway. The excitement is building, however, as the Thanksgiving matchup between the Huskers and Hawkeyes is drawing near — will be a good one!

Game 11 results:

Home team Cincinnati Bengals — 6
Visiting team Houston Texans — 10

Winning book # 60
Group 1 winner — Lenny Schmitz ( Dream Drive Away winner and now a little extra spending money )
Group 2 winner — Terry Cox ( Iowa by how many over Nebraska? )

Congrats to this week’s winners and with 7 games to go, I’m still looking for my first win in 15 years — I’ll file a complaint with the Commish and see where that gets me!

Have a good week everyone and enjoy the lights around town that people are putting up and the lights uptown on the square — ’tis the season!

Joe Z.
(the Commish)

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