The Commish Report – November 9, 2015

Greetings folks on another fine Tuesday morning…..Enjoy this weather today as it sounds like some winds will pick up tonight bringing cold and rain and possibly more. I, for one, am not ready for any snow but we are in November so anything can happen, so brace yourselves.

Lots of excitement in the sports world this week and weekend. With MLB and the World Series over, college football along with the Pros seem to be center stage. Big Red fans are happy again with a narrow escape over Michigan State, giving the Huskers a little more confidence this week. Should be a good one in a few weeks when Iowa rolls into Lincoln for the Thanksgiving day showdown.

As for the Pros, here’s last night’s results:

Home team San Diego Chargers — 19
Visiting team Chicago Bears — 22

Winning book # 100
Group 1 — John Cairney ( another Phil Koesters winner )
Group 2 — Lucas Kesterson ( I think Subway should have another National Sandwich Day )

Congrats to this week’s winners and we still have 8 games remaining in the season. The harvest is almost over, deer season and bird season taking place, a reminder to be careful out on the roads, especially with darkness setting in earlier these days. Also, let’s be sure to thank our Veterans this Veterans Day, the 11th (tomorrow)….we appreciate all the past and present sacrifices allowing us to live in this great country. I also want to say Happy Birthday to my Dad as he turns 83 tomorrow — Love you Dad!!

Til next week, Keep the Faith everyone!!
Joe Z.
(the commish)

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