The Commish Report – October 13, 2014


Greetings this beautiful Fall morning….even with the gentle breeze, it’s a lot better than the rain and drizzle we had all day yesterday — kinda put a damper on for evening entertainment, particularly since no baseball was being played. So, tonight, everyone can root on the Royals and the Cardinals and hopefully by next week we can have another I70 World Series!!!

Well, harvest season is pretty much in full swing now and in last night’s MNF game, the 49’ers came back from a 14 point deficit to harvest the win against the Rams. Also harvesting the win were the following league members with game results:

Home team St. Louis Rams — 17
Visiting team San Francisco 49’ers — 31

Winning book # 33
Group 1 winner –Brian Wollaston ( this puts Phil Koesters in the lead with most winning books sold )
Group 2 winner — Barney Ahrenholtz ( his 2nd win of the season ties him with Eddie Goetzinger — not surprised when they each buy 5 books )

So, congrats to this weeks’ winners and again, everyone be safe on the roads in town and in the country with harvest going on. Go Royals! Go Cardinals! Until next week, enjoy this great time of year!!

Joe Z.
(the commish)


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