The Commish Report – October 13, 2015





Hey greetings everyone.  Lots of wild exciting action going on in sports last night with MLB and NFL.  First, baseball fans are loving this time of year, especially if your a Cubs fan or KC Royals.  If you remember the movie, “Back to the Future  II”, which was in 1989, Marty McFly predicted the Cubs would win the World Series.  Wow what a prediction back then and it certainly is a possibility if they keep hitting 6 home runs each game like last night.  But, a lot of ball left, but just fun to see the Cubs, Cardinals and Royals all in the thick of it.

As a kid, I grew up going to a KC Royals game almost once a year with parents and childhood friends, so go Royals.  But now as I’m older and heard that Don will have drink specials at the Lounge for the whole series if the Cubs make it, I’m a cubs fan too.  And, since Don is from St. Louis, I just know he’ll have drink specials all series if the Cardinals make it, so I’m a Cardinals fan also!!  I like Don!!!

OK, now for the football game….wow, what an exciting finish last night as the Steelers made a bold call to go for the TD on the last play to win with no time left on the clock.  The extra point wasn’t needed but is a factor for post season play, in case you were like me and wondered why the kick was even tried.

Game 6 results:

Home team — San Diego Chargers — 20
Visiting team — Pittsburgh Steelers — 24

Winning book # 84
Group 1 winner — Big Joe Daeges ( check in with him at Hy-Vee for all the current specials )
Group 2 winner — Brad Schmitz ( sold a lot of these raffles this year so good win for him )

Congrats to these winners and remember everyone, plenty of chances left to win (12)….keep the faith and Go Royals, I mean Cubs….I mean Cardinals !!

Til next week,
Joe Z.
(the commish)


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