The Commish Report – October 27, 2014

commish-header2Well league members, it’s official — after last night’s game, we are now half way through the season and at the same time, some cooler temps are starting to settle in this morning. Hopefully there is still a round or two of golf yet to be played, as there are still leaves on the trees that need to “Fall”.  And speaking of Fall, haven’t there been some beautiful colors out there?  Not only in the farm fields but also in the towns where the trees are showing and have showed some of the neatest colors of the year!  

And so as we are half way through the season, last night’s game was exciting, especially since there wasn’t any baseball on.  Oh, did I just say that?  Probably not good for the Commish of this league to be more interested in baseball, but forgive me, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  For all the die hard football fans, though, last night provided good  entertainment, unless you’re a Cowboy fan tired of Tony Romo….at least it went in to OT!

Game 9 results:

Home team Dallas Cowboys — 17
Visiting team Washington Redskins –20 

Winning book # 72

Group 1 winner — Jason “Snappy” Conrad ( this win will really make it tough to keep him quiet )
Group 2 winner — Don “LoungeLizard” Kaufman ( this win will really make it tough to keep Him quiet )

Congrats to these 2 winners — I have a pretty good idea where the money will be spent!  So, as we continue through this Fall season, stay safe out on the roads, enjoy the colors, and Go Royals — need a win tonight and tomorrow night! 

Oh, yeh, have a safe Halloween and don’t forget to turn your clocks back this Saturday night — enjoy the extra hour of sleep, as I’m sure that’s how everyone uses it 🙂

Joe Z.
(the commish)

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