The Commish Report – October 6, 2015


Hey greetings everyone ….again, another fine Tuesday morning here in the heartland. Well, Harlan’s Homecoming was successful from my observation — the weather was great in the afternoon, making for a great parade ( love seeing all the little kids participating and waving to the crowd); the football game had the home team winning on a chilly night and the rest of the weekend was just as nice.

Speaking of the weekend, good times if you’re an Iowa State or Iowa fan, both having good wins. But if your a Nebraska fan, not so good. I won’t comment except to say at least Nebraska has one team that’s ranked #1 Nationally in NCAA — CREIGHTON Men’s Soccer ( football )….Go Jays!!

Results for MNF game #5:

Home team Seattle Seahawks — 13
Visiting team Detroit Lions — 10

Winning book # 8
Group 1 winner — Dan Schaben ( your turn to buy coffee and rolls for the boys )
Group 2 winner — Fr. John Frost ( your turn to buy coffee and rolls for the boys )

Congrats to these 2 winners — Casey’s will love you guys as I’m sure your list of coffee friends just increased!

Well, harvest seems to be in full swing so keep safe everyone and hope the yields are good. It’s October, so enjoy all the apple pie and pumpkin pie and Germans, don’t drink too much of that beer like they are in Germany right now. On second thought, let’s bring back Gezuinheit!!

Good health everyone!!

Joe Z.
(the commish)

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