The Commish Report – Sept 29, 2014

commish-header2Well, here we are, 5 games into the season and the weather is about how it’s supposed to be this time of year. Except if you were the USA Ryder Cup team this past weekend– they ran into some unpleasant head winds over in Scotland, losing to the Europeans for the 8th time in the past 10 Ryder Cups. So team Red, White and Blue sure are feeling Blue.

Speaking of Blue, Kansas City fans are all abuzz now as their beloved Royals take on the Oakland A’s in the AL wild card game tonight in Kansas City. Talk about a double header of events for KC fans on back to back nights–go Royals! Oh yeh, and let’s just call them the Blue England Patriots after last nights’ performance because I’m sure they’re feeling down as well. After the game, you could almost here Alice the housekeeper say, “Good night, Mr. Brady!”

Game 5 results:

Home team KC Chiefs — 41
Visiting team NE Patriots — 14

Winning book # 32

Group 1 winner — Chris Hoffman ( I’m sure he’ll get hit up for donuts at work )
Group 2 winner — Barney Ahrenholtz ( Fitting for a Chiefs fan to win — about time for another shop party isn’t it?)

So, quite a week and weekend in sports….it was also nice for Harlan and IKM to win their Homecoming games. Especially nice is this weather for everyone to enjoy and hopefully it stays awhile and the farmers can bring in a safe, bountiful harvest. Until next week everyone, keep on keepin’ on!!

Joe Z.
(the commish)

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