The Commish Report – Sept 9, 2014 1

commish-header2Greetings everyone! Back by popular demand, and on behalf of our Knights of Columbus Council #3900 of St. Michael’s church, welcome to another season of our KC MNF raffle.  This is our 14th year doing
the raffle, and along with our only other fund raiser (Lenten Fish Fry’s), these funds help provide scholarships to current seniors for college plans after high school graduation.  Approximately $2000-$3000 per year in scholarships, we have been able to help many kids over the years and we thank you all for your support.

This year we have 2 groups
as demand for the raffles were high.  And why wouldn’t they be?  Where else can you spend only $20 and have 18 chances to win?  $50 each week to the winners and $100 for the Superbowl.  I know I mention this each year, but because we run a tight ship here in the Commissioner’s office, we have not had any inflationary pressures and we’ll continue to work towards that end.  Having said that, we have many loyal league participants again this year and we also have many new league members.  As most of you are aware,
we did not hand out actual raffle books this year.  Rather, you can go to our website to view a complete listing of all games and your raffle game matrix for the Home and Visiting teams.  So, you’ll get a weekly email and can also view the commentary on the website — we felt this was a good way to go about it, but we’d encourage any feedback along the way.

Speaking of feedback,  the Commissioner’s office welcomes any and all comments and hopefully  it will all be pleasant as it has been in the past.  Remember, all game scores are random from our perspective.  In other words, we are not tied in with Vegas for any influence 🙂  Also, the raffle matrices with the Home and Visiting team numbers are all random and changes from week to week — your raffle # is the only thing that stays the same for the entire season. So again, any comments or disputes that could arise during the season will be handled
appropriately by yours truly:)

So, this past week, there certainly were fans in good spirits and some feeling the misery of allergy season.  Speaking of which, you can tell it’s allergy season and the onset of cold  season as the Nebraska Huskers about coughed up a loss to McSneeze St.  Funny how the game can change in “Ameere” seconds!  As for the ISU Cyclones and the Harlan Cyclones, one team has to be able to finish the deal and the other has to show up for the start of the deal.   And Iowa must have been looking forward to this coming Saturday’s game, because they didn’t prove much, other than providing Dave Letterman (Ball St. grad) fodder for his Late Night Top Ten List!

As for the NFL, well let’s just get to last night’s winners:

Game 1 results:

Home team Detroit Lions — 35
Visiting team NY Giants — 14
Winning Book # 23
Group 1 winner — Steve Ineson ( At 4 Season’s Travel, Steve is your man–never mind that he’s a Nebraska fan!)
Group 2 winner — Julie Langenfeld ( This win, Julie, should help a little with the cost of your new home:)

Game 2 resu

Home team Arizona Cardinals — 18
Visiting team San Diego Chargers — 17
Winning Book # 57
Group 1 winner — Steve Keast ( A former Husker, he loves all the jokes. But Steve, I don’t think that Acadia is the kind of “chick magnet” vehicle I’m looking for)
Group 2 winner — Tom Butler ( You want this guy and his family on your side should you ever have a fire — thanks for all the years of volunteering fighting fires)

Congratulations to this weeks’ $50 winners.  Each year we have new winners and we have winners that have won in previous years, and we also usually have multiple winners in the same season.
Week in and week out, it’s just a lot of fun and that’s what we hope everyone gets out of this. So enjoy and until next week, don’t be disappointed if you didn’t win, rather — KEEP THE FAITH!

Joe Z.
(the commish)


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