The Commish Report – September 15, 2015


Hey, greetings everyone and welcome to the 2015 Knights of Columbus Monday Night Football raffle league events, extravaganza, showdown, lollapalooza, whatever you want to call it — I call it FUN.

This is our 15th year and again we have 2 full groups of 100 league members each….at $20 a piece, we bring in $4000 but after paying out prizes, we net $2100 (no printing costs as we’ve gone online with the booklets) and this money is used to support our efforts of providing local area high school seniors with some scholarship money for their first year of higher education — so thanks for supporting us in that effort. It’s a great fundraiser and also a great FUNraiser.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank Marvin Bissen, long time KC treasurer, for his timely and accurate payments to all winners over the past 15 years…..his humor along the way was also a treat for me. Brent Scheve has big shoes to fill for sure!!

OK, no time for football commentary this week or political jabs, here are the results:

Game 1:
Home team Atlanta Falcons — 26
Visiting team Philadelphia Eagles –24

Winning book # 71
Group 1 winner — Deb Nowatzke ( HG&CC manager, Elvis enthusiast, birthday girl yesterday — Ribbit, Ribbit )
Group 2 winner — Roger Schmitz ( One of our county Supervisors — thanks for your service, I’ll have a beer )

Game 2:
Home team San Francisco 49’ers — 20
Visiting team Minnesota Vikings — 3

Winning book # 89
Group 1 winner – Ruben Conseco ( Jacobs Corp point man for international sales likes when it’s time for” un Dos Equis por favor” )
Group 2 winner — Eddie Goetzinger (Visit him at the Westphalia clubhouse…great food+great drinks+great service+great company = Eddie)

So, week one and the first two games are in the books…..there are still 16 more chances to win. Where else do you get 18 chances to win for only $20?

Congrats to this weeks’ winners. Everyone else, keep your head up but your nose on a friendly level. Until next week, enjoy this beautiful weather and Keep the Faith!

Joe Z.
(the commish)

Oh yeh, all complaints are to be filed with moi, the commissioner’s office. I don’t anticipate many issues as I’ve looked over the members and I’ve OK’d you all to participate.

FYI, fact of the week : “Butt” was a unit of measurement in Medieval times …a Buttload of wine is about 475 liters, or approximately 126 gallons. Just remember, all things in moderation, folks!!

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