The Commish Report – September 22, 2015

Good morning everyone ….. indeed these mornings have been good with the nice, cool breezes, letting us know that Summer is over and Fall is here. I don’t know about any of you, but I love the Fall season — everything about it, the color changes, the cool temps and hopefully this year, an end to my miserable allergies, or at least some sort of relief ( excuse me while I sneeze again ).
Mom always told me that if you sneeze 3 times in a row, it’s a sign of intelligence. Well, I’ve had some doozies this year and I think the intelligence meter goes backward after 6 — I’m in trouble!!

On to last night’s game. If you didn’t see it, you didn’t miss much, other than watching a great 10 minute drive by the Colts, only to see them fumble on the 2 yard line for a turnover. The Colt’s QB, Andrew Luck, certainly didn’t have good luck last night, nor did his team as the Jets defense was too much. I’m sure my good friend Paul Smith, who was at the game, didn’t like the outcome either, but his 2nd row 20 yard line seats should have provided some sort of consolation!!

Game 3 results:

Home team Indianapolis Colts — 7
Visiting team New York Jets — 20

Winning book # 26
Group 1 winner — Dan Koesters ( think it’s time to join the KC’s Dan – the guys that do the fried fish at our fish fry’s need more help….drinking beer that is )

Group 2 winner — Bob Kestersen ( glad you got that hip replaced and are back to normal — keep up all the great work you do for the KC’s )

So, congrats to these 2 “Kesters” guys as we finish game 3 of our 18 game season. Plenty of games left for those of us yet to win.

For those of you in the county that were able to join in any of the activities this past week for Padre Alexis from Nicarauga, what a great time and great companionship with him, and kudos to all that helped organize the events and church services. Safe travels for him as he heads back home and Mucho Gracias to him for his time!

Until next week everyone, keep the faith and be safe on the roads as harvest season is upon us!

Joe Z.
(the commish)

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