The Commish Report – September 29, 2015

Hey everyone, greetings on yet another fine cool Fall morning. How have you liked all the rain the past couple of weeks? Wow, certainly the record books will have Sept. 2015 included. And I’m sure the farmers are ancy wanting to get in the fields and get the harvest going in full swing. Let’s just hope the yields are good and everyone stays safe, and that includes all of us not doing the field work, but driving on the roads.

Well, the road that the KC Chiefs travelled last night took them to Lambeau Field in Green Bay, and the game was a tribute to Superbowl 1, when the Chiefs and Packers played the gridiron, with the Packers winning that game. Well, Lambeau Field is a tough place to play and the Chiefs found that out last night, as Aaron Rodgers had 5 TD’s, finally beating the Chiefs, one of 2 teams that he had not beaten until last night. But he’s only played against the Chiefs once before. It is also interesting to note that he hasn’t thrown an interception at home since 2012. How do I know all this stuff? My office manager, Renae, is a die hard Packer owner ( yes she and her husband own 2 shares of stock ), and she’s giving me the low down on all this. What keeps Renae happy keeps me and our office happy — so thanks Renae and enjoy your trip in a few weeks to Lambeau!

Game 4 results:
Home team Green Bay Packers — 38
Visiting team Kansas City Chiefs — 28

Winning book # 30
Group 1 winner — Lori Hlavac ( pronounced just like it looks, Hlavac — “Lavach” )
Group 2 winner — Joey Petsche ( in all his years, he never had “plumbers butt” — he believed in “say no to crack” )

So, congrats to this week’s winners and everyone keep your head up but your nose of a friendly level. It’s Homecoming week here in the Harlan schools so it should be fun week for the students and staff and community. Make sure to get out for the parade on Friday and hopefully the football game will be another Harlan victory!

Cheers everyone!
Joe Z.
(the commish)

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