The Commish Report – Super Bowl Edition

commish-header2League members… Super Bowl 50 is now in the history books!  I won’t offer much today in commentary as everyone has their spin on the whole deal, from the opening ceremonies to the commercials and to the game itself.  I WILL say that  I always like the National Anthem with a fly over and the Navy Blue Angels give me goose bumps and chills up my spine as they are the epitome of team work and makes one feel proud to be an American ( as do all the other branches of the US military )!!

I am happy for the Broncos and Peyton Manning, as I think he is a class act!!

Super Bowl 50 results:

Home team AFC Denver Broncos — 24
Visiting team NFC Carolina Panthers — 10

Winning book # 89
Group 1 winner — Ruben Canseco ( 2nd win this season — mucho bien )
Group 2 winner — Eddie Goetzinger ( 6th win of the season — all time record in KC raffle history — kudos, my friend )

Congrats to the winners of Super Bowl 50 and I also want to congratulate all of the league members for participating again this year!  Your support of our local Knights of Columbus helps us provide services throughout our community, not just our church.  Whether you won or not is secondary — first and foremost, I hope you had fun and feel good about your participation!!

Finally, I appreciate the fact that there were no complaints filed with the commissioner’s office this year — it certainly makes my league season more enjoyable, so thank you all.

Until next year — KEEP THE FAITH!!

Joe Z.
(the commish

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