Why Am I a Knight? Father John Frost 4

Father John Frost

Name: Father John Frost

Originally from: Des Moines

Occupation: Priest

Joined KofC: 1987

Offices held in the Order: Chaplain

Hobbies and interests: Golf, Sports, History

What comes to mind when I think of the KofC: Service

KofC projects involved in: Fish Fries, Pancake Breakfasts


My Dear Brother Knights,

As chaplain of Council 3900, I have been asked by the Grand Knight to write the first blog for a series entitled “Why am I a Knight?” I first became a member of the Knights of Columbus in the fall of 1987 when I was a newly ordained priest assigned as the associate pastor to Queen of Apostles Parish in Council Bluffs. I went to the First Degree ceremony at Holy Rosary Church in Glenwood. As a member of the Knights of Columbus, I have strived to be faithful to the principles that Fr. James McGivney used in establishing the Knights of Columbus. Father McGivney was deeply concerned about the spiritual well-being of the men who belonged to his parish. Consequently, he established his new fraternal order to impress upon the men of his parish that they needed to care for their personal spirituality, that is, they needed to live an active, loving, faith-filled relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. The four principles of the Knights of Columbus are: charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism. Let us look more closely at each of these principles.

Charity is benevolent goodwill and love for our fellow human beings. Our Lord taught us the Golden Rule: to love God above all, and to love our neighbor as our self. The acts of charity are a means for us to attempt to love our neighbor as our self. Charity is not just an action, it is an attitude, a genuine desire to be loving towards others. Charity is the most important principle of the Knights of Columbus. It is the most important virtue that I attempt to live out in my life. I know that I can’t truly love the Lord if I do not love my neighbor. Being a member of the Knights of Columbus helps me to sincerely live out my capacity to love my neighbor as myself.

Unity is the desire to be one with others. To have fellowship with others is to share similar hopes and dreams with them. So many people struggle to live their lives on their own terms with the attitude that I can do it alone, and I don’t need anyone else. And yet, the reality of life is that most of us can’t go through life alone. We need the help of others. We need a sense of belonging because it gives us strength, and it gives us peace. Unity reminds us that we are not alone in life. Being a member of the Knights of Columbus helps me to remember that I am not alone in the world striving to live a loving, faith-filled life with the Lord. The Knights of Columbus helps me to work with others to see that the work of the Lord can be done in my parish. Everyone needs the assistance of others, even
pastors need the help of organizations such as the Knights of Columbus to faithfully do the work of the Lord.

Fraternity is the state of common purpose of being brothers. The Knights of Columbus provides a means for Catholic men to come together to work for a common purpose. I appreciate how the Knights of Columbus provide an opportunity to allow men of the Catholic faith to love, celebrate and be the men of faith that our Creator desires for us to be. It has been my observation over the years that the spirit of fraternity is why most men join the Knights of Columbus, and why they remain a member for the rest of their lives.

And finally we come to patriotism which is one’s love and devotion for their country. At the time of Fr. McGivney, non-Catholics questioned the patriotism of Catholics. They believed that Catholics had to be loyal to the pope before they could be loyal to our nation. Fr. McGivney was determined that his fraternal organization would never be called unpatriotic. Catholics are proud to be Americans. We have shared our talents, our sweat and our blood to make America a great nation. As Knights, we use our talents today to help make our local communities better places to live. No one today questions the patriotism of American Catholics because we have proven our love for our country in so many ways.
These are the four underlying principles that are the foundation of the Knights of Columbus. I am very proud to be a Knight, and I am very grateful for all the activities that the Knights of Columbus sponsor so that Catholic men can more actively live out their faith. I hope that you will take seriously these four principles and allow them to aid you in being a man of faith, a member of a proud organization who strives to be a true disciple of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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