Why am I a Knight? Gary Klein 2

Gary Klein 2Name:  Gary Klein

Originally from:  Dunlap, IA

Occupation:  Sales

Joined K of C:  1990

Degree: 4th

Offices held in the Order:  Deputy Grand Knight, Grand Knight, District Deputy

Hobbies and interests:  I love to golf and travel.  I try to combine the two if possible.

What comes to mind when I think of the K of C:  We are a group of Catholic gentlemen striving to do good works in our parish and community.

K of C projects involved in:  Fish fries in Audubon, Avoca-Walnut, and here in Harlan, 5th Sunday breakfasts, golf tournament in Avoca-Walnut, 4th Degree Honor Guard, Tootsie Roll drives.

Why am I a Knight,

I was asked to be a Knight by my father after I returned home from the service in 1987, it took a couple years for me to actually become a 1st degree, but I am glad I did.  We do so much good in the community and the world.  I am proud to be a part of an organization that is made available to our parish pastor as his strong right arm.  It does make a man feel good about himself when so many good things are being accomplished with his help and the help of others working together.  The old adage of many hands make light work really applies in the case.  Vivat Jesus!

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