Why Am I a Knight? Gary Weihs 1

Gary Weihs - PictureName:  Gary Weihs

Originally from:  Harlan, Iowa (left Iowa at 18 for 23 years and lived in Colorado, Kansas, Florida, Texas, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Missouri before returning to Iowa in 1998)

Occupation:  Executive Recruiter for Food, Agricultural, and Bioscience companies worldwide

Joined K of C: February 17, 2000

Degree: 4th

Offices held in the Order: Lecturer, Ist Year Trustee

Hobbies and interests: Family – I have a wonderful wife, Diane, four children, and 2 grandchildren. I enjoy playing cards, car and home maintenance, fishing, boating, motorcycle riding, wrestling, business start-ups, investing, consulting, and travel. I’ve been fortunate to travel quite extensively for both work and pleasure.

What comes to mind when I think of the K of C: Honorable men being of service to their fellow man.

K of C projects involved in: Fish Fry, Highway Clean-up, Knights Breakfasts, Tootsie Roll Drives. It is always nice to utilize our money raising activities to help out those who need support whether it is the Harlan community or the world at large.


Why Am I a Knight?

I joined the Knights shortly after moving back to Iowa. I was approached by Russ Lefeber and Tim Sullivan.  I thought it would be a good way to meet some people in the parish and have some fun helping others at the same time. For  a while I organized speakers to come in and talk about different topics at our monthly meetings.

I’m a Knight because it gives me a chance to give back to our community. I feel it is important to treat those in need with respect and dignity and I believe that’s what we, as Knights, do.  My wife, Diane, just returned back from Nicaragua where she, a number of Knights, and other parishioners from Shelby County made a difference in the lives of those in our sister parish there. I’m proud to be a part of an organization that supports those types of efforts both physically and monetarily.

I’m also a Knight because Knights believe in patriotism. My mother always said: ”The lord helps those who help themselves”. In America we have the freedom that many other people on earth can only dream of having. Along with freedom comes opportunity and responsibility. I believe it is our responsibility to support our American values and way of life “under God”.


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