Why Am I a Knight? Kendall Geneser

KendallGeneser (2)Name:  Kendall Geneser

Originally from:  Granger, IA

Occupation:  Retired

Joined K of C:  2000

Degree: 4th 2013

Offices held in the Order:  DGK will assume GK, Chapter 12130, 7/1/16

Hobbies and interests:  Reading, writing, speaking.

What comes to mind when I think of the K of C:  The common goals of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism. How those principles inform our collective sense of purpose, and how that shared mission helps to strengthen my faith by simple association with the good Catholic men that surround me.  Hopefully some of the grace I receive rubs off on others.

K of C projects involved in:  Coats for Kids, PID, Joppa, CRHP, Inner Visions Health Clinic, Mary’s Meals, Christ our Life Conference.


Why Am I a Knight?

By Kendall P. Geneser

I have the courage to step through the next door.  One of the Deacons at Granger Assumption, DCN Tom Schenk (4th degree) compares our journey on the road to eternal bliss as stepping through a series of doors.  Having stepped through the first we notice this big and indescribably beautiful room.  Yet on the other side of the room is another door.  Point being, there’s always another door, another test, another trial, another cross to bear.  The question is do I have the courage to step through that next door?  I do.  While I’ve got miles to go on my journey and, though it’s most certainly fraught with many toils and snares, I choose to be of good courage.  My fellow Knights are all strong defenders of the faith.  They surround me.  That’s why I’m a Knight.

Secondly, today when I’m asked to help in some small way, I try to say “yes” more than I say “no.”  I routinely check myself to ensure that, like it says in James 2:18 there are “works” to go along with my “faith.”  If, I occasionally forget this precept, I’m surrounded by countless living examples.  My Brother Knights help me on my path…

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