Why Am I a Knight? Kevin Hlavac 2

Name:  Kevin Hlavac
Originally from:  David City, NE
Occupation:  Certified Locksmith and Registered Home Inspector
Joined K of C:  2/16/1997
Degree:  4th
Offices held in the Order:  Deputy Grand Knight, Trustee
Hobbies and interests:  Golf and all sports, fishing, hunting, quest for knowledge
What comes to mind when I think of the K of C: Likeminded Christian men meeting and finding ways to help those in need in the name of God.
K of C projects involved in:  Lenten Fish Fries, Tootsie Roll Sales, Harvest Festival, Breakfasts, Free Throw Contests, Co-organized Padre Alexis Big Event in Earling, Meals on Wheels

Having just accepted the position of Deputy Grand Knight, leave me as the next Knight to reply in the blog series “Why Am I a Knight.” I hope that my statements will continue to enforce the ideals of, and the ideas about, the K of C that Father John and Grand Knight Rick have stated in their respective blogs.

I was born and raised a practicing catholic in a small town of Nebraska so I was aware of the presence of the K of C as I was growing up and into adulthood. The Knights in my hometown had the “K C” hall, a three story building which consisted of a reception hall – a Dance/Bar area and apartments on the top floor. The existence of the building had kept the Knights of Columbus in the public eye, as it was rented almost every weekend for some type of social function. I did not join the K of C, or the Squires while living in my hometown, while I was in college or in any other town I lived in until just before we moved to Harlan.

I did not joined because I did not want to, or at least wasn’t curious about the Knights, but no one approach me about joining, until we lived in Emmetsburg, IA. While we were in Emmetsburg several of the Knights invited me to become a member and I had attended several meetings/social functions of the Order, but before a First Degree was planned, we were moving to Harlan.
In Harlan I was approached by several long time members of the Order, some asked me to join, others told me I had to join, and my response was I would not join until I could participate fully in the Order. One Knight never gave up, so finally Less Blum with Bob Kesterson’s help got me to a 1st Degree and I became a Knight.

My only regret… That I hadn’t joined sooner. I was not as active a member as I am now, but every one of us has to start sometime, someplace, and evolve at their own pace.

“Why Am I a Knight?” I am not aware of any organization, religious based or otherwise, that does so much for so many with the goal of continuing this charity.

The Knights truly exemplify what they are about Charity – Unity – Fraternity, and the Order as a whole are always striving to improve themselves, our organization, and to help each other in all we do. I have been truly blessed to be a part of the Knights of Columbus, and through my Christian beliefs help to carry out the work of the church.

The Knights strive for many of the ideals I strive for, I encourage all members to become more active in our Council and to speak about the good things we do as a group to our prospective members. We all need to help our Council grow and prosper so we can continue to help our fellow humans, wherever they may be in the world, which are in need of our generosity. I strongly believe as we grow in our faith, and continue to give of ourselves; we will be blessed many times over in return.

Spread the word of the good works of the Knights to help our Council continue to grow and receive God’s blessings. Thank You!!

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