Why Am I a Knight? Paul Lee

Paul-Lee-1Name:  Paul Lee

Originally from:  St. Louis, Missouri

Occupation:  EHS & Regulatory Leader for BDI-USA (a family-owned industrial distribution company)

Joined K of C:  2003

Degree: 4th

Offices held in the Order:  Grand Knight, Faithful Navigator, District Deputy, now State Warden

Hobbies and interests:  brewing beer, kayaking, college sports (football, basketball), Cardinals baseball

What comes to mind when I think of the K of C: dedicated, supportive, hard working



I joined the Knights upon the recommendation of my Dad. While he isn’t the most active Catholic, he did recognize the need for men to have a communal group of other men who would collectively build each other up, hold each one accountable, and provide an outlet for spiritual, social, and service works. We both were admitted into the Knighthood degree together. After I joined, I became what I now strive to prevent. I was accepted into one council, tried to get engaged, my merits wasn’t appreciated, and then I lost interest. I subsequently moved throughout a few different councils until I landed in Iowa back in 2006. I joined a local council, but wasn’t asked to be involved. Fortunately for me, I was approached in 2009 to help start a council. I knew nothing about how to start a Council, or really what the Knights of Columbus was about. I did know that a friend of mine asked me to help him in a project, and I said yes.

I am a Knight because of that experience- I want to ask and help others be able to ask someone, “Will you help share God’s joy with others?” Being able to share His joy with others keeps me going. The Knights of Columbus is unique as we have proven programs that speak to the very heart of who we are as Catholic, Christian men- building God’s Kingdom through programs focused on church, community, council, culture of life, family, and youth. I am trying my best to use the skills given to me to allow Knights and non-Knights alike the chance to truly make a real difference in their communities


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