Why Am I a Knight? Phil Koesters 2

Phil KoestersName:  Phil Koesters

Originally from:  Earling, IA

Occupation:  Retired (Worked in Accounting and Sales)

Joined K of C: May 1960, at age 18

Degree: 3rd Degree

Offices Held: Over the years, held all the offices.

Hobbies and interests:  Traveling, Collecting Toys, Oil Painting and visiting
the grand kids.

What comes to mind when I think of K of C: Being able to do charitable works
and helping out when there is need.

Projects involved in:  Many over the years.  Mostly I helped where help was
needed on various projects over the years.


Being a Knight has been a rewarding gift for me.  My dad was an active Knight in Earling for many years and encouraged me to join because he felt that it was something we have to do to support our Catholic faith.

I have been active in several different parishes since my jobs have transferred me around to various states.  One thing that I have learned from the different places that I served is that we all are on the same page.  The most important is the Charity that I noted no matter which council I was a member of, we all know there are needs and do not shy away as we see the needs but, do our duty to help however we can.

It is to me as a gift of the Holy Spirit to be able to give what we can in helping.  We as members all have gifts, but not all the same.  We all know our abilities and as Knights we all gather as members to do what we can and I also enjoy the fellowship and acceptance of our duties that God has asked of us.

Phil Koesters

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2 thoughts on “Why Am I a Knight? Phil Koesters

  • Orlando Gil


    I enjoyed reading your post…”We as members all have gifts, but not all the same”. This is the make-up of our Brotherhood; many hands helping in so many different ways.

    Thank you for the work you do for the Knights.