Why Am I a Knight? Phil Markham

PhilMarkhamName: Phillip L. Markham, D.D.S.

Originally from: Harlan, Iowa

Occupation: Dentist

Joined K of C: In 1988 at St. Anthony’s of Padua in Cody, Wyoming

Degree: 3rd Degree

Offices held in the Order: I have very successfully avoided assuming any offices to date

Hobbies and interests:  Besides enjoying time with my wife Amy and our two children, Andrew and Sara, I enjoy many outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, horseback riding, golf, boating, skiing (snow and water) and snowmobiling.

What comes to mind when I think of the K of C: Charity and the positive feelings we get by doing something that benefits other people.

K of C projects involved in: Lenten Fish Fry’s, K of C Breakfasts, and the Tootsie Roll Drive


Why Am I a Knight?

By Phillip L. Markham

I didn’t know much about the Knights of Columbus until I moved to Cody, Wyoming after dental school.  I was 26 years old, single, and I didn’t know anyone in town except the people working in our dental office, and all of them were married with families. I needed to do something to meet people and get involved in the community, so instead of hanging out at the bars I went to Church.

One of my patients had seen me at Mass and invited me to play a round of golf with him. He had two of his friends join us as well; all of them were Knights. The best part of the round was the discussion about the Knights of Columbus since my golf game was terrible. They then proceeded to invite me to some meetings and some social functions, and eventually I officially joined the group.

These Catholic gentlemen became not just my brother Knights, they were my friends.  This proved to be a sensational way for me to meet quality people and build great relationships. When I think about the Knights of Columbus, what comes to mind for me is mostly Charity and the positive feelings we get by doing something that benefits other people. I’ve been what I term pseudo-active in the Knights in three different parishes, and the feeling is always similar. We are an altruistic group of like-minded men doing good deeds to benefit others… That to me is being a Knight.

In my pseudo-active capacity, I assist at our Lenten fish fry’s, help with our K of C breakfasts and have worn the yellow drape for the tootsie roll drive. I also tend to be present at any other event that ends with us having some beers. I will continue to assist in whatever capacity I can, but life is more complicated now than it was 28 years ago. Another great thing I like about our Knights of Columbus group is that they accept whatever amount of time and talents you have to offer without making you feel guilty if you are unable to contribute on a specific project.

God Bless the Knights of Columbus.

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